Sunday, October 17, 2010

Anyone get something stuck in they're throats before?
Nothing more annoying then a seed stuck in your throat for several days. At least I think its still there? I really hope its not there since its really freaking me out. Ever since I heard about that story about this woman a few years ago I always get that uneasy feeling when something gets stuck in my throat for far too long.
There was this woman who got something caught in her throat from eating either steak or was it fruit, I can’t remember exactly. But what ever she ate a piece of it got caught in her throat and the membrane in her throat or what ever its called grew on top of it. It later pussed up and gave her all kinds of problems and I think she almost died. Since that article, it really freaks me out.
I am really going to avoid eating the seeds in grapes for now on. No matter how and what they say about grape seeds being good for you. Besides, I bet I can get the same thing from other things too only with out the worry. I’m also avoiding cherry pits too. Looks like I’m going to be in a bad mood for the next few days if this darn feeling doesn’t go away soon.

Oh yeah a small update in my hobby part of my web site. A new avatar for any one that’s interested.
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