Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rescued a little bag of bones kitten yesterday. She was stuck in a garage at a foreclosed home. I really don't know how she ended up in there but I know there was no way for her to get out. She must have been stuck there for weeks.

I was just passing though when I heard a noise and didn’t think much of it at first. But I ended up changing my mind and came back to the property to have another look and listen. This time it was really loud. A really loud distinctive mew, mew, mew is what I heard. I looked around to figure out as to where it exactly it was coming from. Apparently it was coming from a garage of an old house. I looked around the house to see if any one was home and I noticed a few papers stuck to the windows indicating foreclosure. Before I did any thing I contacted the nearby neighbors living next door of the houses but they really weren’t much help. So I when back to the garage with the crying kitten and looked around the little building for some kind of advantage. As I did that, the little kitten followed my actions, hopping on to a window ledge and pawing at the window pane. At least I knew now what the little rascal looked like. I gave her a few pieces of cat treat from my pack and shoved it though some tiny cracks. She pawed at them hungrily, scooped them up with her tiny paws and nearly taking out my finger as well. I then went around the building looking for a weakness and managed to find a place where the wood paneling was rotting. I yanked off the rotten piece of paneling and out came the hungry all black kitten. I gave it the rest of the cat treats I had in my pack and I again felt the full force of her little hungry teeth She was desperate for more and the little silly thing was wearing the bag on her face for awhile.
I had a pack since that's what I use when I'm biking to the mall or grocery store. I tried to go on with my business but the little black kitten followed along side me as I crossed the street. I wasn’t sure as to what to do. Should I take her home and upset the fragile peace of the family house hold or just leave her to her own devices. Luckily neighbor 2 houses down saw the goings on and directed me to another neighbor across the street who was apparently responsible for the little kitten. I came up to the door of the house with a slightly cracked open window so that her dog could get some fresh air and I yelled hello. Very convenient for me and thank goodness the dog apparently was friendly to cats and people too. The owner came to the door, was very thankful and gave me a big hug. I gave her the little bag of bones black kitten and explained the whole situation. She proceeded to give her explanation too about how she has another kitten like it and was looking for a home for both of them. Well it did save me from a disruption of peace at home but I still would have loved to have been able to give those 2 little cuties a great home with me, that is if I had a home of my own.
Life so sucks for me but at least it will be a good one for the kitten.

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