Thursday, December 21, 2006

I kind of went to bed last night. Really late. It’s a bad habit of mine, I know but then again I have lots of bad habits that I kind of have to break. Its just so irresistible to stay up late since no one bothers you and its really peaceful and you can think about things and no one comes in to gawk and say that's dumb or don't be ridiculous or do the most annoying thing roll there eyes. I hate when people stick their noses in things they don't understand and then try to steer you in another direction because they think it’s the right thing. Well its not, not always. If famous artists and or scientists always listened to what others had to say which they thought was right where would these people be today.

Anyways like I said I was going to bed late last night and was in the middle of prayer and out of the corner of my eye I saw a large shooting star I have ever seen out of the bit of sky that I saw out of my window. I've seen little shooting stars before and sporadic but this one was a real wow! It definitely distracted me for a moment and it sure was cool to see. Nope definitely not a UFO.
I know last weekend there was suppose to be a meteor shower but mostly missed it because it was too cloudy to watch the sky around here. You were suppose to be able to see it in the North West sky and there was suppose to be allot of them. At least I got to see this one and a bit late in the week. Cool. I hope to see more cool things like this. I only hope I don't see the dangerous kinds though.

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