Monday, September 04, 2006

Wow another post.

I heard the crocodile hunter died in a freak accident. It could have been avoided I do believe.....if he had a bit more respect for the wild life. I know he really, really loved the animals but there is a limit for that and now he's gone. It was obvious that he would go like that eventually.

I'm kind of worried about tomorrow and yeah it has something to do with my secret but I guess its just more crap I have to go though. Ever since I loaded that CD with that "must used software" because I have no choice, me thinks my computer now has a virus. I think that person who burned that CD with the software was the one who had that virus. >:( And I just had my computer free of that garbage. I'm usually very careful of that. Its just really annoying.

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Anonymous said...

crocodile hunter want's that end i think