Friday, September 29, 2006

I answered this interesting thread at some message board and I thought it would be pretty important to put this in here.

why are good looking people treated better in general than 'average/ugly' looking people?

theres another site i go to which requires you to put your photo up, and i noticed there all the good looking people get tonnes of attention and kind messages by people, and these good looking people only devote their attention to beautiful people, ignoring the less visually appealing. there was this one 'ugly' girl on the site who expressed her frustration when she wasnt getting any replies (and the occasional 'thanks' message, nothing more) by saying out loud 'why wont you talk to me? not too pretty for ya or something? shallow bastard.' needless to say, she got flamed by all the pretty women who was getting attention from the guy.

i heard its like this in the workplace too, as well as in tv and media.

though i no doubt anticipate criticism against the whining vented by the frustrated unfortunates, my main purpose of this thread is to simply ask an answer to the question of why does this happen. why do good looking people get better treatment in general than the 'average/ugly' looking ones?

Here was my answer....

Yeah it's a sad fact that people who are blessed with beauty in the eyes of the beholder are treated better. It's a primitive response of society. People who are ugly could possibly be sick, stupid and or possibly might want to harm you according to their looks. Like I said it's a primitive response a subconscious thing that people don't necessarily think about but some how do.
But really it's all a sham. People who are ugly really are most likely smart, nice and do not want to cause you any harm but just want to be treated as an equal. In fact some of the most beautiful people can be the sneakiest people or what ever and take advantage of an individual or what ever. Most take life for granted having lived life mostly on a silver platter and do not want to be seen with a less attractive individual. Yet another sad fact. I've seen it so many times before.

Best thing any one can do is look beyond a person's look and treat every one how you would want to be treated because below our skin we all look the same underneath, gross, full of blood and full of poop.

Oh an if any one dislikes my looks can kiss my @ss. :kiss:

Thank you.

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