Friday, September 29, 2006

Pondering a weird dream

I had this pretty strange dream a few nights ago and only managed to muster a bit of courage to post about it.

Anyhow it starts like this. I was in animation class (haven't been in one for a few years now) and I was editing some animation using my computer and a large screen that was in the classroom.
A teacher was lecturing on something and the teacher happened to be LOL Patrick Steward.
Now I know that guy doesn’t have a lick of knowledge on how to animate but I know the guy loves animation.
Anyways he continues to lecture the class and why'll the lecture is taking place the students are passing around notes. The note describes him as being a real jerk, a bonehead and other nasty things. What ever else happened I don't know cause I woke up.
Maybe someday I might dream it again and see a conclusion. Who knows.

I kind of made me wonder do you think that Patrick is a jerk in real life?

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