Friday, September 08, 2006

I thought I post these pics up of a spider I took a few days ago. One of them was taken with the flash and the others were not. There not perfect since I don't have a professional digital camera. But it does the job.
One thing is that I do notice a lot of insects this year no to mention lots of animals in the last year. I really think they like our small humble yard. Not to mention our food. >:( Anyways in particular there seems to be allot of spiders. Every where I go it seems that I'm accidentally bumping in to one and sometimes I get several spiders hanging on my clothes. I'm sure glad I'm not a fly. All the spider webs remind of some dreams and possibly some scary movies where there are spider webs hanging every where you turn. The pics that I took of are showing the grand daddy of all the spiders that are hanging out at our yard, the one with yellow stripes. I don't know what these spiders are called but I haven't seen these in my back yard since I was little and living at our old house with the large cool yard with the bush in the back. I was surprised to see this thing at our current location so I took its pictures. It was right after a storm so I'm sure you guys can see the water droplets on the web.

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