Sunday, September 03, 2006

A sleepy Sunday

Sadly its starting to get annoyingly cool. Sadly its something a thing to come. I think it came a little early this year compared to last year. Of course I was working at my crappy job at the time and trying to get though the day by blocking out all the things I had to tolerate, thus also ignoring the weather as well. In case you can't tell I really don't like winter and fall. They depress me and make me sick as in getting colds. The food is not as good as it is in the summer time and if you ask me there are more verities of colours n smells in the spring and summer. Remember quality and not quantity. That is the key.

There really isn't much on TV and or the net for that matter. I could play a video game but I'm kind of staying a way from those for a while in order to concentrate on my art est. I really need to get to my sketch book but some how I have too much on my mind lately with that secret in all. Tomorrow I'm going to make that zucchini snack cake. I hope it turns out. The last thing that I made kind was not to par.

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