Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Almost didn't feel like posting today. I probably should have posted this at least on a Sunday but then I really didn't feel like it. Been to occupied with other things and worrying about things that are also stupid. But what else is new. Its been raining all day but at least it wasn't too cold. Anyhow I took a few pics of the birds from the bird show that I went to on Saturday. It was a small bird show and some of the judging was still going on when I got there so they still had some of the cages turned in a certain way I guess to mark the ones they still have to judge. I also got a sample of cockatiel food out of the whole deal. Its some peletted food with an interesting smell which reminds me of bubble gum. Now I thought that birds don't have a good sense of smell so why would they need to do that. I still don't know if my birds will like the food. My 10 or so doves and one cockatiel that is.

Now here are a few of the best pics for your viewing pleasure. They're not perfect considering I really didn't have any peace when I was there but oh well.

The white cockatiel is my favorite.

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