Friday, October 06, 2006

On a whim after coming home with the rental for the trip to Frankenmuth for this Sunday, he goes, any one want to go to Colasante's? So we all went, just for the heck of if. If you’re wondering it’s a green house slash petting zoo slash entertainment center. I haven’t been there for a while so I guess it was kind of nice. I was better though when I was little. I had more animals and plants. Now it just has more commercialism and less warm family. Anyhow we decided to have a bite to eat and so I ended up having some of their famous fried chicken. Great I’m making my self hungry and I already brushed my teeth. Anyhow we looked around a bit and then went to the petting zoo area. They had the usual fare of barnyard animals. Lots of cute mini goats, birds and one lazy donkey. I saw the sweatiest little thing a mother hen and her chicks. I wish I still had chickens. Before that I went in the section where they have all these tropical birds and did a little bit of viewing. I also did a bit of imitating. My favorite thing is to mimic the sounds of the squawking and whistling parrots and seeing how they react. Always a barrel of laughs. I don’t think my family was impressed though because they seemed to move too quickly though the displays. I kind of wanted to take some pics but who can find the cool shots if your being rushed. In the end we ended up picking up some wild birdseeds for my doves and something for my cockatiel since the seeds were a really nice price compared to the local pet shops that I usually visit. I hope that I can get some nice pics at the bird show in the next weekend though.

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