Saturday, March 03, 2007

Origionally written March1 07
Things that I’ve been up to. Well I’m still morning the lose of my best bud Missy. When ever I have something really tasty I kind of think of her, I miss sharing it with her. Sometimes when I have left my jeans on the floor it looks a lot like her at night. It kind of reminds me of her lying asleep near the radiator. It really does look like her at night. My mom comes in my room time to time looking for her so she could give her a nice scratch, but then she remembers that she is no longer there. The other day I watched some doves sunning them selves on the mound of dirt where Missy is buried. I wonder if that’s significant.

We just had another I guess you would still call it a winter storm; only this time we didn’t have any snow but a whole lot of water. In fact it’s still raining and I think it’s suppose to eventually turn to snow. I really hope not. I only hope it warms up soon. It really sucks being indoors all the time. I’m really getting that cabin fever thing.

I had a weird dream last night. It had this old chimp in it. It was kind of ugly. He some how got into our porch at the house I use to live at. Anyhow he was just going around trying to get attention but all every one did was run away from him. No one wanted any thing to do with him because he was old and ugly. So I bravely came up to the chimp and gave it what it wanted. A nice scratch on the head. It was just a lonely soul that needed some one to make him feel a little less lonely in the world. It’s too bad there are actually real people in this world who are just like that chimp and all they ask is for a bit of friend ship with out strings.


Sharon said...

It sounds like Missy was much more than just a pet. Do you think you'll give another kitty a good home any time soon?

K_tigress said...

If I have my way I'd get 2 kitties and a dog but current circumstances only allow for one kitty considering I still live with my parents and it will be a bit till I can get another one. Sigh...... economy dictates what I can do.