Sunday, December 02, 2007

Who say’s Christmas has to be expensive?
It’s the season of giving so its time to share some link goodies based on some pretty rare Christmas stories and or cartoons I remember from child hood. At the time I found them somewhat corny but then I saw the beauty of the stories. Very unique and un-cookie cutter like compared to the usual fair of Santa Clause related stories.
These are great Christmas stories for the young ones in your life and the kid at hearts such as your selves out there.
First link and story is called the Happy Prince. It’s about a statue that is really not so happy.
There are several ways of downloading this story and bonus it’s free.
It was first introduced to me as a traditional animated story in grade school.
The Happy Prince

Another bonus; there are a few more interesting stories by the same author as well.

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Sharon said...

Well I've downloaded it now I have to read it! Thanks!