Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just a small peep.........

Just checking in a bit. Nothing really interesting to mention other then the fact that I’m currently working on many projects. Some paying, some that don’t and some that’s a little of both. One personal project is basically I’m recycling an old blanket in to a homemade quilt. Its nothing fancy but the different old pieces of cloth make it fancy looking enough already. But nothing like some of the professional looking quilts I have already seen at my local church offered up for raffles. But still good enough for me.  The old blanket already resembled a quilt but was apparently a simulated print. Really nice in its heyday but now full of holes. For the old patches of material, I’m using a lot of my formally favorite clothing from the past many from my child hood, such as a favorite pair of hot pink with a checker board racing stripes on the side biking shorts I had when I was little. I still have some pretty goofy pics and videos of me wearing those and playing with friends. I also have some formally favorite PJ’s and or night gowns that I just couldn’t get rid of cause I just loved the cute whimsical characters plastered all over the surface. So they’re going on my quilt too.
Here’s a recent pic of my now former blanket now quilt. Since that pic I made it to the other side of the blanket. Can’t wait to see the results when its finished. 


I wonder if any on else has a favorite bunch of clothing from the past and present that you can’t just bare to throw out. Humm I wonder if Chelly has any that she kept. Hummmm!


Chelly said...

Tina, I love the quilt! What a fantastic idea. It looks wonderful! You are so talented. I'm so sorry that I missed this post. And am so honoured that you mentioned me! :) Yes I still have some old blankets from childhood. I wish I saved more stuff—like some of my favourite outfits. I have some old fabrics that mum used to wear and old throws that she crocheted.

I used to have a patchwork quilt as a kid too. I wish I still had it or even a piece of it. Your lovely quilt reminded me of it. I actually wanted to do a post on it. Thanks so much for reminding me. There's nothing like a quilt to keep you warm and snug.

Hugs! :)

K_tigress said...

Cool Thanks.
That's wonderful that you do have at least some of your favorite stuff but even more important then that are the memories associated with those. Saves a lot of room. ;)
But anyways looking forward to your new blogger thread about your choice clothing faves of the past.
That aught a be cool.

Actually my next post will be about a pic of me when I was 7or 8 years old. Sort of because it involves a certain animated cartoon airing on the weekends I really find appealing and relatable in some way.