Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Peeping Tom?

Peeping tom or kitty on a hot plastic corrugated roof?  Too bad it wasn’t a “tin roof” but either way, there he was. 

Meetso being the goofy kitty he is, decided to go on the roof for a snooze but I wasn’t really quick enough to take it of him sleeping there. But that would have been boring any how.   Yesterday he took a snooze up on top in the Honey suckle bush. Must be nice to be a cat sometimes. But only when I want to. After all who wants to be a cat when it comes time to clean your self with your tongue. Ick! If you know what I mean?

I know its been awhile but I always seem to get sidetracked with stuff. And I though I’d get more time to do stuff after I finished the yard work of clipping bushes. No such luck.
I really need to finish that tiger illustration. Its been like forever.

Sorry about the picture quality. I wish my mom would clean her caked on bedroom window.

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