Tuesday, December 08, 2015

A Friday that was more like a Monday

A Friday that was more like a Monday is what it felt like. I knew I wasn't going to like that day and was pretty much spoiled for me. Well I don't like dental appointments or any other medical related appointments for that matter but it had to get over with. So I got my annoyance over with and like usual I treat my self with a special snack of some sort. I was going to have an ice cream from the new ice cream place on the corner near by, but my stomach was still upset from a few nights before when I tried out this new spicy chicken. I love spicy chicken or anything spicy for that matter but this was a bit too much for me I guess. But it could have been more severe had I not eaten yogurt afterwords. So instead of the ice cream treat to drown out the dental taste left in my mouth, I got a small box of 20 TimBits verity style. They're basically doughnut holes from a place called TimHortons. I'm sure you've heard about the famous Canadian icon. So I brought them home to share and I though that was the end of it. But guess not. Later that night and as usual, my kitty gets in the mood to go out for a stroll. But before that he likes his play time with me and a meal. As we played in my room on the floor near my bed, I started to smell something strange but somehow familiar. Something burning, like burning wire. I started to get a bit frantic and nervous when I first could not find the source of the noxious smell.  Looked at my outlets, nope. Looked at a power bar, nope. Eventually I looked up thinking it might be somehow the ceiling light. The reason why I thought that was earlier my dad was changing the light fixture in the kitchen that was not working properly. Somehow I thought it was connected. Maybe the wire was damaged by a electrical serge? I started to get scared thinking that maybe there was a smoldering wire in the ceiling that was eventually going to lead to fire. After all I did start to see smoke swirling around my light fixture. The smell was getting stronger and overwhelming to my nose. So I started to open windows despite the furnace being on. But that didn't matter at that point. I also wen to see if the smell was in any other room especially the kitchen. Sure enough it was there. Now really panicking, my dad and I went outside and inside pretty much all over that house inspecting and contemplating. But we really couldn't really find any smoldering wires est. 
Just as well the smells were at that point starting to dissipate after opening the windows but we still weren't sure what happened.  It was only about an half an hour later when my mom went to empty the dishwasher when we realized what had happened. Apparently the dishwasher caught on fire and filled my room and the kitchen with nasty toxic burnt plastic smoke. I spent several days getting rid of that nasty smell. But you can still smell it in the kitchen. But then it could have been worse. Luckily the dishwasher only short circuited when I guess a bit of water got in to the electrical components  and burnt the front panel. Yikes and Yuck! But this might have been avoided if my parents heeded the recall warning for that machine a few years earlier. I hope they learn their lesson. Just too bad they're prone to hard headiness and stubbornness. Oh well. 

This Thursday will be my kitty's Monday since its vet day. He has to get his shots. He will be treated handsomely afterwords with his favorite treats. ;)

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