Tuesday, January 02, 2018

With a cherry on top.

Happy New year every one. Hopefully it won't be worse then last year but then who am I kidding. 
Anyways here are some nice summer pics from last season of June. Some yummy sour cherries that were all nice n ripe. Oh yeah they really are yummy even with their sour qualities. Oh and they make really great jam and pie. Who knew you can get so much from a really small cherry tree. Of course eventually I'll share with the birds when the tree gets a bit bigger. 😉
Use to drive the neighbours nuts when I climbed theirs. There were sour cherries trees on both sides of our property and those were pretty tall.  But they were always pretty prone to wood eating insects for some reason. Oh well. Maybe now they're more stronger because of breeding. But then who knows. 😊


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