Friday, December 25, 2020

Its a Christmas display Charlie Brown!

 And we got the rare snow fall for Christmas this year although in this pic there is none. Actually it was about 50 Fahrenheit in this pic I took a few weeks ago. Long before Christmas obvious. Oh yeah, these pics are actually pretty recent for a change. Only because I wanted to share with a friend who's totally nuts for Peanuts (The comic strip that is.)  This pic was the best one considering it was also an over cast day so sorry for the dark pic. Couldn't fix it any better with out the risk of overly doing the fixing. But I did PhotoShop an alternative version showing what it would look like with actual snow on the ground. But it looks like the display could use some TLC considering it looks like it could have been quite a while since this scene was painted. Cool none the less. Also I wonder if this was painted by the same artist in that neighborhood that painted these? A previous Christmas post. 



Original version with out PS snow. 


Version with PS snow.

Anyways Happy unusual Merry Christmas. A Christmas to remember indeed!

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