Monday, February 12, 2007

I though you might like to see the latest pics of my old cat Missy who is around 21 years of age. I don't know her exact age because my mother got her for me when I was sick with the chicken pox in 88. Missy was part of a large pride of cats from a farm. Little did we know she was also pregnant and had two cute kittens in my closet on top of the socks in April of 88. Who would know since she her self looked kittenish. Anyhow kind of took these around the time as the bird show which I talk about a few posts down. It will probably be the last pics since she's really sick now. I don't think she has many days left. :( I'm really going to miss her very much. She was one of the most loyal cats I knew of since her daughter kittens and I know many would not agree that cats could be loyal but they can if you really get to know them. She understood the word no and yes and she obediently listened. She knew her name quite well and the word treat. She always cuddled up next to you when you were feeling sad, read a book and or read a newspaper. Always loved to be cuddled like a Teddy. :_( These pics were taken with out the flash so that she would not blink and the colour and brightness were enhanced with Photoshop.

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