Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'm sure most of you heard about what happened to that woman astronaut and how she went over the deep end about that fellow male astronaut and the whole nine yards with the diaper and all. Its one of those "what in the world were you thinking" kind of moments. Heh they couldn’t make a stupid soap opera out of this, then again maybe they could. But I probably wouldn’t watch it since I hate soaps. Its just shows you that love can sometimes make people do stupid things.
She sounds like someone who at child hood went though a lot of rejection probably was a nerd, teased and made to feel inadequate. So possibly filled the void brought by rejection with the dream of being something big when she grew up to show all who treated her badly. Her thing was obvious science and she took advantage of it, thus becoming something big as an astronaut. It’s really too bad she blew it big time.

Personally if I could have a talk with her in person, that is if I could, I would put my arm around her shoulder and say, “What in the world were you thinking?” Then I would say “why ruin your whole life for what, some guy?” Some guy that was only interested in that other woman to begin with, someone who probably would have backstabbed you any way. On top of that you ruin your marriage over this one guy? So not worth it. No human is worth fighting over and ruining your life as a result.

Over all no guy should fight over a female and no woman should fight over some guy. It’s just not worth ruining your life and making your rival happy. Besides if anything the rival should feel the guilt and other crap. Why should you? If the relationship is not there or if you feel some one is backstabbing you, just walk away. It’s just not worth it. Besides if some one is a disappointment to you, trust me it will come right back to the perpetrator.

None the less I hope that women gets the proper therapy that she really needs. She sounds like she could really use some emotional support.

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