Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Empty nest
One by one the kids left the nest. One didn't make it though. The little guy/gall flew across the yard to the street and sort of stood there for a moment but luckily it made a run for the yard of our neighbour’s house. I was worried that some car would go by and make road pizza. So thinking it was safe and sound me and my mother went to the mall and took care of a few things. We came back home and took out our things that we bought and put them away and decided to look out the door to see for any babies. Unfortunately we saw one as road pizza close to our yard. I'm guessing that was the same bird that we saw earlier and unfortunately made the wrong choice. Poor little guy/gall.


Branko said...

i see that you have troubless with birds.

Sharon said...

Poor little guy! I know things like that happen but I'd rather not of proof of it like road pizza for instance.