Sunday, June 10, 2007

Went to a small park-et called Colchester harbor last weak after a drive with my dad. A nice little park-et with a marina and small beach. Really nice, clean and quite private. I managed to take a few pics of the area but not exactly the ones I was hoping to get. They had this fox snake with the thickness of my big tow sunning its self on a rock but wasn't quick enough to capture it on film, the same with the cute family of mallard ducks with there babies because of people shyness. Sigh... Oh well here's some boring pics I took.

BTW last week I just installed some new software so wasn't online for a bit.
But now at least it let me know who was trying to attack my computer. Here are the following IP's;

To the following who are trying to break in, don’t bother cause I do not keep personal info in my computer only my artwork, so BACK OFF!!! I can report you.
Thank you.


Sharon said...

Not boring but calming. You managed to get a few birdys in the last pic.

I guess you foiled my plans for attacking your computer drats!

K_tigress said...

LOL ha.
Yeah those hackers can get on ones nerves.