Friday, September 14, 2007

Sometimes there are days where you don’t know exactly how to say things cause your having one of those “bla” days. It can go on for a few days sometimes a month. I have a feeling it has to do with the change of the seasons. Less light not to mention a lack of sunny warm or as I prefer hot days, really makes a persons brain feel like jelly. Sigh, I’m really not looking forward to being back at the fall n winter seasons. I wish I could just hibernate though it all or just sprout wings and fly south. Those Canadian geese got it all worked out. Ha! Still at least I got away for 2 days in Toronto. It was a good distraction and a reminder that summer was not yet over with. Personally it would have been better to go south to Florida for at least two weeks but this was still good too. Got a room at a hotel with a pretty cool view. You could see a really nice pool from the window. It had a kid section, a traditional deep end and a hot tub area. There were a few extras like a mini side in the shape of a frog and a conventional cork screwy water slide for every one else. The pool was pretty empty since the normal crowd of families with children was in school. It was tempting to have a swim the first day but I was pretty exhausted and a bit car sick, which made it harder to eat as well at dinner. I nearly upchucked at the restaurant. Luckily I didn’t but felt relieved anyhow when I found the bathrooms. The next day we went to the zoo, one of my favorite places to visit. If I lived close to one, I’d be there almost every day providing that the day was nice and warm and or if I had the cash. Even an arboretum/aviary with a small about of animal life would be nice to be at. It’s a great place of inspiration and a stress reliever not to mention great exercise too. I got to see the usual exotic animals, rhinos, elephants, large cats, gorillas, small monkeys, fish, assortment of birds and insects. Some of the animals even had babies. Some of the cutest babies were the little golden monkeys. Such a tiny little animal with an even tinier baby clinging to the back. I took a good amount of pics with my camera and my dads since he still had some film on his. It was feeding time for most of the animals so I got some pretty good shots but still missed a few as well. There were 2 to 3 mierkats just waiting to have they’re pics taken but I got distracted with this totally cool display of colourful fish covering every inch of the aquarium window. You had to be there. I finished the zoo day with a hotdog, a sore body and souvenirs of memories and pics, maybe just in time since it started to rain. In the mean time please enjoy these pics I’ll probably show a bit at a time since not all pics are available yet. Don’t forget to check out my Creative log, I have some new artwork in there.

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Sharon said...

I love the zoo too! You were lucky it was feeding time and were able to see lots of animals not to mention were able to take their snapshots. The last time I went to the zoo it was one of those hot, hot days in California and all the animals hit inside to stay cool! They were probably inside looking out and laughing at the stupid people who came to see them in the heat:)