Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hay did any one watch the lunar eclipse?

Bonus question……….
Also did you notice any unusual happenings, like nuttier then usual people, animals really getting love sick est?

As for me I know the moon was out last night. It really lit up the night sky and yard only I really didn’t have a good angle or rather place to watch it unlike my old house. There was this old shed I love to climb on, stretch out and watch the stars. The only way I can visit that place now is in my dreams and fantasies. Some other dude owns my former place and totally changed what use to be there. Other then the fact of the moon supposedly turning red while the earth shadows it, there seemed to have been plenty of unusual activity. One of our neighbors had to be sent to the hospital via ambulance. A cat, probably an unfixed male roaming around the outside of my bedroom was making soft and tender meows to I guess woo a female. The only thing, it’s making me wooed. Ever since I lost my last cat Missy to old age, it’s all I can thank of, to get another furry friend and save one from the human society. My father is really giving me a hard time on this. Why now? We had cats before but then again he really never like the ones we had but tolerated them. Ugh! I’m too old for this. Too old to be living with parents and the stupid for the child rules of the house. Yeah I would leave to have my own place, but space, freedom and apparently being treated like an adult costs money, which I have a lack of considering there is a lack of work too. If I could just get some freelance work and for the right people to notice me, I’ll have it made. I mean I already have the skills and the will. Like I said so many times before some people have the silver platter of life while others have the dirt.
End of partial rant.

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Sharon said...

I didn't get to see the lunar eclipse actually I didn't know there was going to be one!

Do you think you'll get a new kitty anytime soon or will you wait until you can get your own place? And hey there's nothing wrong with living with your parents & remember all good things are worth waiting for.