Saturday, August 04, 2007

Been so busy with those crazy good peaches to do really any thing else. Surprisingly enough, I’m still not sick of them; only maybe I’m sick of doing all the work of canning and making the jam by my self. I really wish could have a little help but no one bothers. I kind of feel like the “little red hen” the story about the chicken that tries to get the other farm animals to help in the bread making but gets snubbed and in the end she and her chicks get to eat the fruits of her work only it doesn’t seem to work for me like that. I do the work and every one else helps them self to the fruits of my labor. Oh well at least it all tastes good. I only hope there will still be something to enjoy during the winter.

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Sharon said...

I love peaches and peach jam sounds tasty! You're lucky to have a tree that produces so much fruit because at the Farmer's Market peaches, apricots etc. can be pretty pricey.

I have always wanted to can tomatoes in the summer but I'm also a little afraid maybe I'll not seal or sterilize them properly.

I'm still reading your previous post so far very interesting.