Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Well, all finished with storing the last of the peaches for this year. I actually have some more still in a basket but no more jars to store any more. Oh well so I guess we’ll just have to eat those in a hurry before they go bad. The few peaches that were left on the tree were squired away by my friendly local neighborhood gray squirrel and a house finch. A small bird that’s a bit bigger then a common sparrow, that has stripes on its stomach and the male has peachy red hood. I kind of think that they plotted the whole thing and shared it with the local robins and yellow jackets. The yellow green grapes are just coming into season and I believe that soon it will be there turn to be visited by the local admirers. Oh and here’s a few pics of the canned and jammed peaches along with our new car.


Kota Bear said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for your blog comment. I love your banner!!!! I have to say, you've got a lovely blogspace here.

Awesome work on the jam and really nice car! Hehe, I'm turning green with envy!

Sharon said...

They look yummy... it's nice you can enjoy them for a long time after the season.

Also like the car!

K_tigress said...

Kota Bear thanks for your visit and comments. Just remember to take my advice. I'm sure you get visitors because you seem like a nice person.
Oh did you check out my other blog, it has new art in it.

Yeah Sharon there's nothing like fresh peaches in the winter. LOL :)