Sunday, August 19, 2007

A little hug for a rainy cool day.
I had this little guy since I was a baby. He was always there to keep me company even against the scarcest child hood monsters. He even had a little brother but he’s with my uncle in Croatia along with a stuffed Mickey stuffed in a drawer. My little teddy still sits today beside my bedside; still guarding my bed and being all cuddly as usual no worse for wear.


Kota Bear said...

Adorable! I used to have a stuffed bear named Nestle that I'd had since I was 3. Unfortunately, his fate was less kind. He was stolen from me a few years ago.

Does this cutie have a name, or was he always 'teddy'?

Sharon said...

I don't recall having a stuffed bear but I remember a Casper the Friendly Ghost stuffed toy I had. His body was plush with I believe a plastic face. He also talked when you pulled the string in back of his neck... "I'm Casper the Friendly Ghost" and other phrases I can't remember.

K_tigress said...

Well Kota Bear I always called him bear but in Croatian. Don't ask me to spell that ha! Its a long story.

Sharon, that sounds cute. Bet it would be a nice collectors term by now if you still had it. Course you probably wouldn't sell it but maybe give it to a relative of something. That is if Mooky didn't get to it. LOL