Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Well what can I say I been preoccupied with things. 1.Its nice out and I'm spending more time outdoors. 2. I'm doing a lot cooking and baking lately and if you kept track of my other blog I actually got a small gig designing a graphic of an angry snail for a guy's truck. Its done and on display. Go see it, its cute with a don't mess with me attitude. Yeah its actually good.

Oh and these guys have been busy on and off for many months now. They don't seem to get tired of it or hurt them selves either. In case you don't know what those crazy birds are up to, every day they come over to our house, go up to the windows near the fire place and take turns drumming the windows with their beaks. These days they seem to take brakes in between things and feed their offspring. I wonder what they see in the windows in order to want to peck at them so badly?
The pictures were taken earlier in the year.

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