Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Well here I am on the last day of the year. It has been a pretty productive year too. Apparently my doves have been productive as well. LOL The little buggers caught me off guard. Thinking 3 days out of the nest is all the eggs need to be infertile but noooooo. Obviously that little dove really has some strong genes in it. Yep you guessed it they managed to make another baby. This time they as in little Energizer bunnies with wings won't get away with it. Oh in case your wondering what took me so long to make any kind of peep, well I was just doing a bit of living outside the world why'll it was still nice. Well now its no longer nice and warm and so I hibernate in the indoors till spring of course. Besides I really didn't have any thing interesting to say which would bore the daylights out of you anyways. But at least more recently I have been working on illustrations for a children's book as noted in my creative log blog. At least that's something to write about. Oh and recently I discovered this really cool website where you can make and or learn how to make things. You can also share the things you make with others and if popular win occasional prizes. You can also give out constructive criticism and of course if you have a pro account you can give a patch of approval too. Makes you feel extra special. Feel free to check it out in a few days since its a bit dirty right now. Someone very naughty has spammed it with a naughty code but if your like me your anti-virus should block it.

Oh yeah, here's a few more pics from tw
o summers ago.

Enjoy and Happy "Mew" Year. Hopefully 2010 is a better year for all.

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