Monday, April 29, 2013

Looking in to the mirror of Bob’s Burgers

I’ve been watching Bob’s Burgers.  Cool show. Its funny but not in a raunchy way like Family Guy (hate those family of cartoon shows) but it does contain the occasional toilet jokes which I don‘t mind but again I find funny.  I find it really reminds me of my childhood and my childhood best friends and neighbors. We use to do some of those crazy things as kids like fool around with the tape recorder and we’d take turns being obnoxious with their Casio keyboard. You know the one where you can record a noise of your making and make a musical instrument out of it. We had hours of fun with that thing. But no, no one was actually in the burger business or any relation like that. All of our fathers were in the auto industry. My father had the machine fixing trade while my neighbor’s father was working in the office. Two different worlds but at the same time the same world.  But there is a character in that show I really can relate to. It’s the character Tina. She looked a lot like me when I was 7to8 years of age although my hair was more light brown at the time. It use to be a blond in kindergarten. I think another best friend at the time was more closer in the looks department to the character Tina.  She had dark almost black hair. But we both had the ball point head hair or helmet hair. But none the less I remembered this pic I have of me at 7-8 years age. It was taken in the late spring time I think. I was wearing a red-ish dress but it looked like a skirt and a red shirt. Anyways it had a flower on it too. I also had with me my favorite school bag. It had this kangaroo on it with a chicken peaking out the pouch.  I just loved the surprised and bewildered expression on the roo which is why that bag was my favorite.  I let this girl borrow it one last day of school on good standing but apparently she thought she could keep it. When I asked for it back, which was like pulling teeth btw and she gave it back to me will all kinds of her scribbles and sigs on it. I really was disappointed, angry that someone could take advantage of my kindness and I think I held back a tear or two back. So I ended up giving up the bag to her since it was ruined anyways.
Anyways back to the photo. I was also wearing an disappointed expression because yet again I had to go back to school and the fact that summer vacation was still too far away. I hated school for obvious reasons. I might explain again in another post. So anyways I have this photo and decided to see what I would look like as an Bob’s burger character at the age of 7-8 years old just for fun. Since we both had the same look and share the same name.  And hear are the results. 

I think I would make a great cousin or friend character don’t you think?
I added the deely-boppers too even though I never wore those till about 85 coming home from a vacation in Europe.
It seemed like a really popular thing during that time. Kind of like the beanie I guess.

I was pretty tall for my age but not the tallest in the class.  ;)

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Chelly said...

OMG I love this! You were so adorable!!! And yes you and darling Tina look like cousins. I love Bob's Burgers. My bro and I usually watch it together and he always says it's far better than Family Guy could ever be.

So sorry about your bag (from all those years ago). There are always kids like that who think they're entitled to everything. You were so kind to just let her have it.

Aw, I loved this post. :)