Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Wishful thinking?

Kind of hoping that's its finally spring now. It already seems to be with my doves with them all piled up in their only indoor nest. The mice outside must be busy too cause my kitty caught two of the little foolish buggers on the same day. Pretty productive for that little guy.
Must take a few spring inspired images. Now where to find them.


Chelly said...

I enjoyed reading this post Tina. Your descriptions of animals are so lovely to read. Reminds me of Beatrix Potter. :-)

K_tigress said...

Oh neat. Thanks. But then she must had many times to observe their behavior and get their personality.

And in another post soon, I will have a few pics of a bunny that had some supper in the front yard last week. Lucky Meetso was not out side at the time. ;)