Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Have some leftovers. They're still good.

New year but leftover photos from last year.
Hoping for a better year this year but it seems I say that every year and it only gets worse and worse. Sigh....... oh well. But still hopeful.

Yeah I have some photos yet to be shown form another one of my walks which were taken late fall if I remember correctly. And here they are. They are of some flowers that are in the same family as the sun flower. Found them in a small park with a few areas that have some brush, trees and a few backyards of some houses. The flowers are called The Jewish Artichoke. Not sure why that is because they look nothing like an artichoke. But they are edible. The root the most edible, is very much like a potato and can be eaten like one if boiled or eaten raw like a cucumber. At least that's what I saw in a foraging book. I have yet to try that.
That bit of info could come in handy someday or maybe something you wanted to know and try out of curiosity. But the best time to dig up one of these is just after a frost so you're out of luck this time. In the book they recommend to locate one in the summer then soon after the first frost dig up and then use. Sounds good to me.
When I took these pics, there were even some bumble bees still on them but very sleepy from the cold.
Even managed to save a few seeds in a bag. Going to see if I can grow some in the back yard this year. 

If your wondering what I was up to during the holidays, not much. Made a fruit cake inspired by a fruit cake I ate last year that my mom bought from church. Normally I don't like fruit cake like the majority of society because of those dried citrus peels, other crap and over all heaviness of fruit cake. But this one was the best I’ve ever eaten. So I tried to emulate it and it turned out pretty great but it just didn't have the punchlines of the other. Understandable since I didn't exactly have any real rum or bourbon on hand. I had this not even real, ancient extract of rum that's been in the cabinet for who knows how long. Mom and her love of artificial extracts. Oh well, hopefully I can get some of the real stuff next year.

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