Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'm gonna eat you little fishies..........

Is what Meetso would say if he could talk like you and me or the guy from Red Dwarf. That's a favorite show of mine in case you have no idea. Its a British comedy/scifi/sitcom. One of those rare funny shows that come every once in a while. Like the BigBangThrory. Now if they ever made a new version of the north American Red Dwarf, the guys from the BigBangThrory would be a perfect match. Although there probably would be some differences in story and character arcs. There was an attempt earlier to make a north American version but it only got as far as a pilot show. You can see an example of the show yourself on YouTube and then you'll know why. But then everyone's opinion is different. Who knows?

Anyways just some more fall pics which were taken on a Friday several months ago. Naturally every one has fish on Friday in this family so I gave him some nice recently defrosted smelts for him to enjoy. He prefers the smelts over any salt water fish and I don't blame him since the stuff that comes out of the sea always has this funky smell by the time it reaches our area. Tends to taste like it too. Personally my favorite seafood, is shrimp and any other crustacean. He likes shrimp as well but that’s an every once in a while treat for him and for me as well. 

 Ooooo fish. I'm gonna eat you little fishies..........^
 Any more????..........^

 Guess not. Then no more pics for you ;) ..........^

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