Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Kitty Jacket

Oh so OK when you have lots to do you sort of neglect other things but then what else is new. 
So anyways I have this thing I put together but, I really didn't design the kitty image so that's why its in here. After all I didn't airbrush and or design this thing. But what I did do is put several things together instead of just throwing it out. It was just too cute to throw out anyways. I have this old jacket I wear around the backyard when its cold, I saved this old image from a purse that got old and ripped. Plus saved a few other odds and ends from some old jeans I had to throw away as well since they were ripped beyond wearing them.  Then I put several things together and what do you have? A nice jacket and no garbage to fill a landfill. A worth while compromise and cause. Plus you get a real nice jacket. :)

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