Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Last years flowers.

I wonder how many more years online bloging will be around. It seems every time I come here every one is always Instagraming or something. Meh.  Me I'm quite fine here, thanks. 

Anyways I'm tired from having to complete many things such as errands, preparing things, clean, being stressed out about things and est. Its Jam season after all. So I'm just going to show some nice pics of flowers I took with my old digital camera last year. Yep more leftovers. But don't worry I actually have some newer pics of my kitty and critter friends. Well actually cat dinner. But you know? ;)

Not sure what these flower weeds are but they sure were pretty growing in a field, The yellow ones mind me of snap dragons and the purple remind me of sweet pea. 
It was windy that day so the images turned out a bit blurry.

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