Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Sit up Meetso

Yup. Long time no see. Been busy and with some good stuff for a change. 
OK Meetso first. This was taken in early spring on a gloomy rainy day. I was with Meetso on the front porch and he was ogling a bunny munching on some nice green spring grass. (showing that in the next post) Before we had that long dry summer this year. So yeah the pic is kind of dark and I could only get it so bright. 
I had him sitting up so that's why my hand got in the way of the shot. 

 More pics next post. 

Yup its been a craziness year of business and well craziness.  Both of our neighbours now hate us. But I always suspected that they probably already did so. It has something to do with having to replace the central air conditioner during the almost hottest part of July. We had no choice but to have it placed just beyond our fence instead of in the usual spot. Instead its closer to his garage. His sitting during the day spot. He totally freaked over this, basically told us to pack up and get lost. 
Even called the city on us. But the representatives didn't do a thing since we are in code. Some people. They think they're so nice but underneath they have a evil core. A real shame. Classic behavior from Godless people.  Oh yeah the other neighbour decided that she didn't like my kitty passing though her yard, on occasion peeing on her stuff and decided to hose him down right in front of me. >:( Really? I mean every day there's some animal that goes on her lawn and either takes a pee or poops on her stuff. How come she's not freaking out on those creatures? Guess its also typical of people who live by them selves, who are mad at the world and mad at God. She use to go to church when her mother. 
Someone is definitely holding a brick in their heart where her heart should be. *rollie eyes* I mean hay, I have issues, lots of hurtful issues but I don't take it out on the whole world. 

Oh speaking of storms, wow 2 tornadoes and a flood. Over all the weather was pretty dry during the "nice and warm" season but wow when it rains, it pours. One tornadoes are rare here so it was a surprise when we got one and then number two. And an a f2 of all things. We were all right but close by there was some damage. Some blown off roofs and bent steal around utilities. 
Recently well last week we got this rain storm. Lots of roads and basements in our areas got overwhelmed by water. But my mother and I still when to the mall to take care of things. We on the other hand had a bit of water in our basement. Not a big deal compared to a number of years ago when we had torrential Niagara falls like rain come down. Luckily I was up late working on a project so every one was on alert here. That was a year before Meetso came to live with us. 

We also had a perfect storm of squirrels this year. They ate almost everything. The ate all the peaches, grapes, stole tomatoes, attacked our plums and if that wasn't enough, they even tried to gnaw though my bird cages. It was the last straw and caught in succession 7 squirrels in a human-trap and then later dumped them in a forest park well stocked with their natural food. A definite world record for us in catches. We caught 4 or 5 of them last time. Guess the craziness began last fall when there was a bumper crop of acorns last fall. They sure were really fat. 

Hopefully there aren't any more perfect storms coming.  ;)

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