Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Holiday detour ahead.

A little post Christmas pre NewYear detour of postings. I just have some of the latest pics of my updated Nativity and some Christmas lights. Haven taken any new ones for a number of years. Not much as changed other then some new angel figures I got recently. Although very nice and flashy but in my opinion cheaper in quality. Yes you have much more flashing action but at the price of the battery power. Oh well. 

Below is a pic of our dining room table with a mini light up Christmas tree without the chandler on.

Another with changed lights.
Again with the chandler on.
Here you can see our our traditional wreath of Advent and traditional to my parents people, wheat grass grown in small containers. Normally these should be decorated with red, white and blue striped ribbons wrapped around the wheat grass. These unfortunately got a bit sickly. Probably a lack of proper watering, sun or maybe just disease. Oh well, my dad tried.

Little Christmas lights look like little "goal" lights from a hockey game. They twinkle on and off red. Its around this wreath on the window in our dining room. They make a nice starry pattern behind the curtains.

 Another mini Christmas tree. In the dinning room as well, at a corner on top of a glass table.

What our Nativity scene looks like with the main lights out. You can see the small plastic angels shining different colours. Just got the two bottom ones this year and already the batteries are being used up with all the light action they do. Unlike the better quality angels I have at the top that change their lights more slowly.

You can also see the starscape my dad has behind my royal blue starry back drop I made out of a piece I bought at the store once. I also airbrushed that a bit.
We have this displayed in our living room.
The following are various angles of our Nativity scene. Here you can see my hand made palm trees made from foam, cardboard, raffia and discarded nylon remains I collected from my previous job working on site for an inflatable company. Currently I work for my self as a freelancer. 
Any how, the human figures are original from when I was a kid. I had repainted them since the original was just poorly done. The sheep are from various place like dollar stores and fixed up.

As you can see, some of the things I made don't always turn out. That cardboard pond did not stay flat. That manger is something my dad made when I was a little girl. It lights up inside too. A few years ago my dad covered the walls with white papery tree bark. He also covered the roof with water reeds. Looks really cool.

The twin paper angels use to be a Christmas bag from one of my mother's friend who has since past away.

 Another perspective.
From a plastic sheep's view or a plastic sheep dog. 

You can see that our main and big angel, a former tree topper has lost her shine. That's alright. We'll figure out a solution eventually.
 A final look.

The end? Probably not. 
Happy NewYear every one. 🎉🎄🎊🎆🎇😺

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